Community Sports


Community Sports is one of Council’s strategies to promote massive involvement in sports from the village, district, and regional to national level. According to the Minister for Information, Culture, Youth and Sports, a community sports is to be implemented by the national sports council in collaboration with district or municipal local authorities.

Former Chairman for National Sports Council of Tanzania – Mr. Idd Kipingu giving presents in Geita district
Former Chairman for National Sports Council of Tanzania – Mr. Idd Kipingu giving presents in Geita district















The program was officially launched on 11th August 2007 by the then Deputy Minister for Information, Culture, Youth and Sports Mr. Joel Bendera in Kondoa District Dodoma. During the launching event a few sports committee members from Kondoa District were trained on sports regulations, rules and responsibilities. This implies that people need to be trained on how to involve themselves in sports.

Teachers-in-community-sports-training-workshop in the playground bottom. Butiama.
Teachers-in-community-sports-training-workshop in the playground bottom. Butiama.












  • Provide essential skills on sports leadership, regulations and rules on soccer, netball, athletics and some other sports. Additionally providing knowledge on cross cutting issues such as AIDS/HIV and environment.
  • Prepare sports expertise who will help to train sports in schools, colleges and universities
  • Act as a tool for transferring sports knowledge to the villages and districts, as the national sports council alone can not easily meet the goal
  • Provide sports materials in the village or wards with the aim of instigating the talented youth in sports
  • To enable primary school teachers incorporate Sports (Haiba na Michezo) into their daily teaching lessons
  • Provide knowledge to teachers on how to plan and prepare play grounds as per required measurements (50m to 100m) and directions (North – South).

community sport 1










a.     Play ground measurements

b.       Sports administration & leadership skills

c.        Technical skills

d.     Physical Conditioning

e.       Sports Psychology

f.       HIV/AIDS

g.      Sports Bonanza


Community sports trainings have so far been done to Forty three (43) districts in Tanzania mainland out of one hundred and two districts in the country. From these 43 districts a total of 1,585 teachers were trained, out of which 813 males and 772 females.

vifaa vya maandalizi


uwanjan mbio










The following are some achievements so far reached:

– The program has managed to train a total of 1,585 teachers in 43 districts. It was not an easy task especially with a limited budget and geographical location of these districts.

– The training courses have motivated teachers to teach sports in their schools, hence uplift the dying standard of sports in the country

– There is an increased number of teachers participating in regional and national sports competition programs which involve primary and secondary schools, such as UMITASHUMTA  (primary schools competitions) and UMISSETA (for secondary schools)

– The  training have motivated many teachers to fully engage themselves into sports as professionals by joining into sports colleges/institutions like Malya, Butimba and UDSM

–  Through this program teachers now are good in managing sports competitions by abiding to sports rules and regulations. Teachers are now good planners, managers and administrators in their sports clubs and schools.

– The program has made teachers, politicians and government officials understand the importance of setting aside areas for playgrounds, this was not the case before the training.